We provide efficient and targeted assistance to support you in the event of conflicts between the parties of an employment contract and work to find the most suitable solution. We hold the advice we are giving to our clients to the highest possible standard. Last but not least, international experience is another of our strengths. Because of our professional specialization we can precisely meet the needs of our clients. Each client receives assistance with an individual cost analysis. Representation and enforcement of your interests in a labour court trial contains above all following legal issues:

» Development and revision of employment and service contracts for company management;

» Revision of the effectiveness of dismissals of all sorts (dismissal on operational grounds including verification of correct social selection procedure, extraordinary termination of employment, and dismissal on personal grounds or termination with an option of altered conditions of employment);

» Estimate of the prospects of success of a complaint against unfair dismissal including representation in proceedings before the labour court;

» Negotiation of a termination agreement with an adequate severance package;

» Compensation claims and leave entitlements;

» Revision of employer’s reference/detection of ambiguous formulations.


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